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Interior Design

Our energetic and creative designer Jennie, can tailor design solutions right down to the cushion piping and the choice of your towels. Jennie can use her extensive product knowledge and experience to save you time and frustration. She can see design mistakes that are not obvious to the average person. Consulting Jennie at the beginning of a project will not only save you costly mistakes, but also time and stress.

For the more comprehensive design approach, make an appointment to come in and meet with Jennie to discuss your design requirements. She will assess your needs, lifestyle and budget and create a design concept that suits you with honesty and integrity.

Drafting and CAD

Your drafting is organised and completed using outside subcontracted professionals. Obviously your investment will vary depending on whether you choose a Building Designer or Architect. You’re options will be discussed in your initial consultation.


Colourboards can be collated on demand and are created at Lanes Interiors on site. These are usually required for commercial clients who need to present a scheme to a board or committee.

Project Management

Due to a high number of our clients being professional and very busy, we can provide you with total project management for your peace of mind.


An accurate design report is provided for every client after their colour or design choices are finalised.